Business Analysis As A Service

The most reliable, accountable and cost-effective alternative to hiring a BA contractor.

Forget contracts, recruiters and HR. That’s the old way of doing business. We’re here to shake things up.

DASCX already provides services that help clients skip recruitment. Now we’ve entirely eliminated contracts. With Business Analysis As A Service, a senior onshore BA handles requirement gathering and leverages the talents of a team of technical specialists. This service is destined to replace Business Analyst contractors. Access more talent, get more accountability and deliver your technological transformations at a fraction of the cost. Business Analysis As A Service isn’t the future – it’s the now. Get started today 

Stop relying on a single contractor and start accessing an entire team.

Benefits of Business Analysis As A Service

The Right Skills For The Job
Leverage the skills of specialist Business Analysts with the right expertise and product knowledge.
Reduced OPEX Costs
With access to DASCX teams in Melbourne and Colombo, you can enjoy substantial OPEX savings.
Led By Elite Onshore BAs
A senior BA in Australia will run your team of BAs, expertly planning and managing your Business Analysis needs.
Pay a Flat Monthly Rate
Pay one monthly fee, regardless of the engagement. On average, Business Analysis As A Service costs less than 50% of a contractor.
Faster Execution
Never waste time on recruitment. We’ll simply assign a new product expert as your requirements and technologies change.
Scale With Ease
Expand or reduce your BA requirements without delays, additional costs or penalties. DASCX provides unprecedented flexibility.

An onshore BA to give you peace of mind. An offshore team to give you power.

Imagine if every item on your roadmap was delivered by an experienced specialist - a Business Analyst with the skill set and product knowledge required. That’s the power of DASCX’ Business Analysis As A Service. Contractors must negotiate steep learning curves when they face a new integration or product rollout. But Business Analysis As A Service is different. You’ll hit the ground running with a specialist who is familiar with the technology and has a track record of delivering excellent outcomes.
Crush milestones and expand your roadmap with a huge offshore team led by an elite local contact.

Get an entire Business Analysis team for half the price of a local contractor

Even if you find an affordable local contractor, you’re likely to sacrifice experience. Why risk the success of your business when you can pay less for more expertise and specialization? BAAAS presents unbeatable value without making a single sacrifice. Business Analysis As A Service is the ultimate win/win scenario, combining onshore supervision with the versatility of an offshore team. Our pool of talented professionals has been handpicked and trained by our senior BAs in Australia to meet every local standard, including communication. We’re ready to show you how our innovative approach to Business Analysis can double your output for a fraction of the price.
For a flat monthly fee, enjoy 100% accountability and access to a pool of specialist BAs
Celebrating a great CX

Hire a BA Practice, Not an Individual.

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