We'll get the job done while you run the business.

Are you embarking on a daunting mission to transform your business or develop new products? It may involve integrations, development, and process changes, unlike anything you’ve faced before. That’s why you need an expert team of business analyst consultants to ensure the successful delivery of the project. Our specialist BAs work exclusively on technological integrations, development, and enhancements. Your DASCX Business Analyst has the knowledge, methodology, and techniques you need.

We speak every stakeholder’s language.

Our consultants are the crucial connection between your leaders, technology experts, and end users. DASCX business analyst consultants speak every department’s language fluently. From requirements gathering to launch, we’ll ensure every stakeholder is satisfied with the scope and deliverables. Superior requirements gathering and planning are key to our 100% success rate. When you work with a DASCX project management consultant, you can avoid blown budgets, creeping scope and unsatisfied end users.

Our Proven Project Implementation Process

Our project delivery approach has been perfected with over 3 decades of experience. From the initial idea to the conclusion of change management, the process will ensure that each step project journey is executed with precision. With the skills of our experienced consultants and our project implementation process, we can gurantee the success of your project.

No hidden costs. No unpleasant surprises. Just 100% commitment at a fixed price until the job is done.

With one of our qualified and experienced business analyst consultants on board, you can get back to business. DASCX takes full responsibility for the project, which means you can focus on the day-to-day operation of your business. Our IT Business Analysts quickly adapt to any team’s culture and processes. We’re accustomed to working autonomously, strictly following the product owner’s guidelines and providing excellent reporting.

Hire a BA Practice, Not an Individual.

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