Sales Transformation

Helping Beverage Manufacturers to Build Capabilities to Reduce Costs, Improve Productivity and Deliver Great CX.

Sales leaders today face a challenge any other executive faced in history, they must figure out how to keep their people relevant, products and services relevant, and business relevant while they deliver results in a fast-changing world. While COVID is becoming a thing of the past, organizations must continue to build capabilities. Through digital transformation in sales, we help build sales capabilities to sell more, cut costs, improve productivity, and deliver great CX.
Build capabilities to help your B2B sales function to cut costs, be productive and deliver great CX.
Help create and improve consumer sales channels to sell more with the right strategy and technology.
Build capabilities to enable field sales teams to sell more time selling and deliver great CX.

Our Process

The seven-step process to identify opportunities and deliver the best results to transform your sales function to dominate the competition. Our process has been perfected to help manufacturing firms deliver the best results with minimum interruption as part of their digital transformation in sales.
Our Process for Digital Transformation for Sales

Why Partner With Us

Six reasons to partner with Dasun and DASCX, for your digital transformation in sales.
Decades of Experience
Decades of experience in helping global manufacturing giants with optimizing their sales functions.
Direct Access to Experts
Unlike large consulting firms, the principal consultant will be directly involved in your transformation without subcontractors or outsourcing.
Bev. Manufacturing Experts
Our digital transformation in sales is specifically designed for beverage manufacturing firms to help improve capabilities and deliver great CX.
Lower Risk
Our mature process and business analyst expertise will deliver more accountability until completion.
CX Focused
As a CX focused consultancy, we can help your sales teams and operation to deliver great CX to your customers.
Matured Process
Having worked with industry giants, we have the perfect process to transform your sales function.

Digital Transformation in Sales for Manufacturing

We are digital transformation experts for sales. As a specialist consulting firm, we focus on helping manufacturers to improve their sales functions to dominate their market. We help them create capabilities to reduce costs, improve productivity, and deliver great CX. Reach out to find out how we can help you to create the most effective sales function in the industry.

Delivering Great Customer Experience

Through digital transformation in sales, we will provide the sales teams and operations with the digital and technological capabilities required to deliver a world-class customer experience. Through the discovery process, we will help identify the strategies to take your CX to the next level to become the preferred vendor in your industry.

Your Digital Transformation in Sales Starts Now.

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