Business Analyst Consulting

Providing Specialist Business Analyst Consulting Services to Build Successful Technological Capabilities.

We provide complete end-to-end BA services to help organizations identify opportunities, find solutions and adopt those solutions to deliver the best return on investment. We can guarantee the desired results with three different engagement models to suit your needs and budgets.
The most reliable alternative to hiring a BA contractor in the market.
Designed to help IT leaders with identifying opportunities to improve performance.
Fixed price service to find the right IT solution or vendor for your business.

Why Partner With a Consultancy

Best BA Consultants
Access to the best BA consultants, allowing you to bring in required experts without having to recruit.
Guaranteed Outcomes
With 100% project success rate, we can guarantee the delivery of expected outcomes.
Accountability & Reliability
With proper legal agreements between all parties, we bring more accountability and reliability.
Lower Risk
With DASCX, there is no risk of hiring the wrong BA and then having to fire and re-hire. You get the right BA the first time.
Allows Faster Execution
No need to go through time consuming recruitment when you need additional BA consultants.
Multiple Service Offerings
From fixed-price project delivery to BA-As-A-Service, we can offer multiple engagement options depending on your budget and preference.

Guaranteed reliability, accountability and continuity.

DASCX carefully selects the most committed Business Analyst consultants to meet every Australian standard. DASCX selects and trains the most skilled and knowledgeable business analysts in the world, but when it comes to accountability, we are 100% Australian. Our local management team prepares and manages every Business Analyst consultant to meet each KPI, and we take full responsibility for the successful delivery of every analyst’s duties. With DASCX, you don’t just get the best IT Business Analyst consultants for affordable prices. You also benefit from our organisation’s outstanding service and the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an Australian business.

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