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According to data from McKinsey, B2B companies that transformed their customer experience processes saw a 10 to 15% revenue growth, higher client satisfaction scores, improved employee satisfaction and a 10 to 20% reduction in operational costs.

Do not let your competition steal your B2B partners. Let us help you to become the preferred partner for your B2B customers by delivering the best customer experience in the market. We have designed 3 CX offerings to take you through your B2B CX transformation journey in a step by step manner for clarify and best results.

Fixed cost 8 to 12 week engagement to identify opportunities improve B2B CX.
Create the strategy based on audit findings to capitalize on opportunities.
Provide BA services to executing the CX strategy to deliver maximum results.

What is CX Consulting?

CX consulting or customer experience consulting is a service provided to help companies improve their customer experience. Customer experience consulting involves analyzing a company's interactions with its customers across all touchpoints and identifying areas for improvement. The ultimate goal of customer experience consulting is to help companies deliver exceptional customer experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations.
Improve B2B Customer Experience
Celebrating a great CX

Why B2B CX Important in Manufacturing?

For the majority of manufacturers, B2B customers are responsible for the largest share of the revenue. Unless you are the only manufacturer in the industry, you must ensure that you do everything possible to keep your customers as customers. CX has proven to help manufacturers to increase customer loyalty, improve customer retention rates, and drive revenue growth through positive word-of-mouth recommendations and customer referrals ultimately becoming the B2B vendor of choice.

Six Steps to Transform your B2B CX?

We follow a structured step-by-step approach to deliver CX consulting services to improve the customer experience for your B2B customers. Our six step process has been perfected with decades of experience to guarantee the best results.  


Experts for B2B CX
We are not a generic CX firm, we are specialized in Business to business CX improvement.
Decades of Experience
Decades of experience working with global giants transforming B2B customer and partner experience.
Fixed Price Offerings
A fixed price service offering providing peace of mind, clarity and simplicity with a result based offerings.
Lower Risk
Our mature process and business analyst expertise will deliver more accountability until completion.
End to End Solution
Providing you with complete end to end CX transformation support to keep things lean and deliver best results.
Matured Process
Having worked with industry giants, we have the perfect process to transform your B2B CX.

Founders Message

Dasun Premadasa

I’ve started DASCX, a Business Analysis consulting firm in 2021 to help Australian companies to improve capabilities and deliver great CX.

Through DASCX I bring 2 decades of experience and the skills which helped global manufacturing and automotive giants with building technology capabilities to delivering great experiences to their customers and employees. 

Our mission is to help companies globally to become the preferred vendor in their industry by delivering the best customer experience for their B2B customers.

Dasun Premadasa
Founder & Principal Consultant

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